Welcome to The Community Kouzina Project

κουζίνα (kouzina) Greek for ‘kitchen’ and ‘cuisine’.

Food is a culturally rich and portable form of identity that transcends geographic boundaries through the spread of people and ideas. Cuisine evolves through travelling across borders, absorbing the local and the present, while simultaneously channelling the past and tradition.

Community Kouzina is a parallel ethnographic research project investigating the personalities, cooking spaces and neighbourhood networks from two island communities; Kos (Greece) and the Marrickville Local Government Area (Sydney, Australia).  During the project, stories, ideas and recipes will be shared, and the continuous metamorphosis of cuisine will be explored.

The objective of the Community Kouzina Project is to highlight local cuisine and people in their own homes and community. From personal experience in Cyprus, Greece and within the Marrickville community, personable exchanges are vital to strong neighbourhood networks, and bonds are strengthened through the sharing of resources such as food.

The first phase of this project will take place in Kos in September 2015, and the second phase will take place in Marrickville from November onwards. Updates and related events to the project will be posted on the blog and Facebook page.

Community Kouzina will emphasise methods of food creation; preparation and sourcing as symbols of expression, personality, heritage, community and solidarity.

The Community Kouzina project is funded by Marrickville Council’s 2015 International Exchange Program, taking place in Kos, Greece.