Baklavathaki by Mr Dimitris – Pastry Chef at Kos Patisserie

In Greek, to give extra emphasis to a person, or an object as being small, cute or to symbolise affection, a diminutive is added to the end of the word. In this context, one of the most popular diminutives is ‘aki’. For example; Souvlaki (a word that transcends many languages), Kafethaki (little coffee), Filaki (little kiss) – as well as appearing at the end of names; Elenaki. In Kos, there is a word I hear and see a lot: Baklavathaki; small, round servings of Baklava.

Kos Patisserie is famous for its Baklavathaki, where an estimated 500 pieces of the sweet are sold each week. In the video below, Pastry Chef Dimitris demonstrates the creation process of Baklathaki; combined with almonds and butter, layers of Filo pastry are firmly fashioned into a long roll, sliced in circular pieces and baked in the oven. Unlike in other regions where Baklava is commonly made, in Kos and the Aegean, Baklavathaki is prepared with almonds and covered in sugar based syrup rather than a honey infused syrup.


Baklavathaki by Mr Dimitris from Kos Patisserie


Filo pastry

Finely crushed almonds







Lay four large sheets of Filo pastry on a flat surface

Brush each sheet with butter and layer each sheet on top of each other

Layer another four sheets of Filo, in between each layer, sprinkle with almonds

Lay down one sheet, brush with butter and roll the pastry

Lay down two sheets, place the roll on top, and roll again very firmly

Place in the fridge for one hour (this firms the pastry and assists with slicing the Baklavathaki roll)

Slice the roll into small pieces, and place flat in a baking tray

Brush with butter

Bake in the oven for 50 minutes at 180°C

Boil a syrup of sugar, glucose and water

Once the Baklavathaki has completely cooled down, pour the hot syrup over the cold Baklavathaki

Store at room temperature overnight to allow the pastry to soak in the syrup

Ready to serve the next day

**Please note: I have not included the exact ingredient quantities, or method, in order to preserve the unique nuances of Kos Patisserie’s Baklavathaki.