“A Huge Explosion” at the Slaughterhouse Theatre in Kos, Greece

Above is a stage floor artwork for an upcoming performance: “Μια Τεραστια Εκρηξη” (A Huge Explosion) at Σφαγείο Θέατρο πολυχώρος (Slaughterhouse Theatre). The building was previously an abandoned slaughterhouse and was converted into a fully functioning theatre through the hands of three very dedicated people (an in-depth post coming soon). Last night I was treated to a rehearsal of “Μια Τεραστια Εκρηξη” – before it runs on the 25-27th September. The play is directed by the lovely Dionysia Kasiou, is very entertaining – and a must for Star Wars fans! If you are in Kos, I will see you there!

Artwork Text: The formidable Jedi Teacher: It is your destiny to defeat the Dark Side