Andreas and Jaana of Amaryllis – Kos, Greece

Andreas met his wife Jaana in 1989, while she was in Kos for a week holiday from Finland. Andreas had moved to Kos from Tripoli in 1982 and was originally working as a waiter in hotels, until he bought Amaryllis (named after the flower) in 1987. In 1991, Jaana moved to Kos permanently and has lived in the island ever since. Due to its central location and proximity to the centre and the sea, the restaurant attracts a variety of customers in the summer period; locals, tourists and more recently journalists, aid workers and volunteers who are working with refugees on the island; who also frequent the restaurant. Additionally, earlier in the summer period, Andreas and Jaana were allowing refugees to charge their phones inside and use their bathroom as such facilities were not easily attainable at that time. During the colder months, Amaryllis transforms into cafeteria that mainly attracts locals for coffee and toast.