Kanelada and Lemonada with Mrs Eirini – Kos, Greece

Aegean Houses Hotel prides itself on being a family oriented hotel; boasting a high rate of return customers. Mr Elias, the hotel owner attributes such patron loyalty to the staff, many of whom have worked for years at the hotel and formed relationships with new and repeat customers. The kind and humble Mrs Eirini, one of the chefs responsible for preparing the breakfast menu at Aegean Houses Hotel, is just one example of the hospitable staff.

Breakfast at Aegean Houses is not solely unique for the staff who prepare it, but also due to its variety of offering. The breakfast menu has a certification of authenticity by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels for its dedication to providing traditional Greek dishes and products of Kos. Halvas, Pasteli (honey and sesame snack), Rizogalo (rice pudding), Krasotiri (Red wine cheese), Mageria (cornflour based sweet), Olives, Tahini and local bread are just some of the products on offer.

Also included in the breakfast menu are two traditional beverages offered in Kos, which are especially popular in summer. Mrs Eirini shared with us her recipes for Lemonada, fresh lemonade, and Kanelada. Kanelada is a traditional cinnamon flavoured syrup, that can be found all over the island, produced both commercially and independently. However, a trick to discerning a true Kanelada is to choose one which is brown in colour. Ruby coloured liquid signifies that red food dye has been added, this containing unnecessary additives.


Mrs Eirini’s Lemonada (Fresh Lemonade)


1.5 cups of lemon juice (5-7 lemons)

1 cup of sugar dissolved in hot water

8-9 cups of water


Mix very well together. Rest at room temperature, and once the Lemonada has cooled completely store in jugs in the fridge (or freezer).

Mrs Eirini’s Kanelada (Cinnamon flavoured syrup)


2.5 cups  of sugar

2 cups of water

1 small packet of cloves

5 sticks of cinnamon (wood sticks)

The juice of half a lemon


Boil for approximately 30 minutes until all ingredients are combined, until it takes on a syrupy consistency. As the syrup is boiling remove the foam that gathers on the top using a ladle.

Remove from heat and strain the syrup to remove the herbs.

Allow to cool, store in a glass bottle in the refrigerator.

To serve: dilute with water according to taste.