Galaktoboureko by Mrs Demie – Kos, Greece

Following on from yesterday’s post about sister’s Mrs Irene and Mrs Demie – this is a close up of the most amazing Galaktoboureko (Filo Custard Dessert) made by Mrs Demie. Below is her personal recipe.

Galaktoboureko (Fillo Custard Dessert)


500g sugar

200g fine semolina

4 eggs

3 vanilla pods

2.5 litres of milk

Butter as needed

1 packet of Fillo pastry


500g sugar

2.5 cups of water

A little lemon


Preheat oven at 180c

Boil ingredients together

Heat the sugar with milk just enough to melt the sugar,

Beat the eggs and gently introduce them to the sugar-milk mixture

Add the vanilla and semolina and stir until creamy. Leave aside.

In a baking tray place half of the fillo, one on top of the other, spreading butter between the layers.

Add the cream filling and continue the same way with the remaining fillo.

Before you put the Galaktoboureko in the oven, cut into pieces. Bake until golden.