Food Pantry at Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville

Every Wednesday from 10am till 2pm a colourful shipping container opens its doors in the Addison Road Community Centre, full of affordable and quality goods. Run by ARCCO, the Food Pantry provides sustainable and dignified access to cheap groceries. Sourced from Foodbank, products that line the container’s shelves are perfectly edible, yet may have passed their best before date, have a slightly damaged exterior, are in surplus or were accidentally mislabelled. In other words, goods that are in useable/ edible condition that would otherwise go to landfill. Some fresh food, such as the basil pictured, is grown on site, while community members also donate fruit and veggies grown in their own garden.


“We knew there was inequality but we didn’t realise how much people were going without basic stuff. Like people that couldn’t afford to turn the heater on, or mums skipping meals to feed their kids – so we thought this was the most direct thing we could do to alleviate that pressure”. Alex, Coordinator at ARCC. Food Pantry has a diverse client base and exists to serve everyone in the community; workers, unemployed, underemployed, youth, students and the elderly.

Purchasing at the Food Pantry works on a points system and all perishables such as fruit, vegetables, bread and baby goods are free when you spend a minimum of $5. All funds received from shopping at the Food Pantry go straight back into the project; continuing to stock the shelves and grow the initiative.

Come down for a shop, spread the word, volunteer or donate!

If you’d like to support the Food Pantry, you can:

DONATE food from your own pantry and or veggie garden, and plastic or reusable shopping bags. You can drop off donations to Hut 1, 142 Addison Rd.

VOLUNTEER. ARCCO needs volunteers on Tuesdays to unpack and label orders, and every Wednesday to help run the Food Pantry. Contact if you’d like to volunteer.