Chorizo Omelette with Katherine – Marrickville

“I used a couple of my dad’s cameras when I was little. Just a little automatic analogue one. I put colour film in and took photos of my toys in my bedroom. I got a phone in year 6 for the first time and  I would take a lot of pictures on the phone. So then my parents got me a little digital camera and I took photos on that. In high school I did photography. I guess I always knew I wanted to do photography”.

Self-taught from a young age, Katherine is very much an experimenter. A Fine Art graduate and current Honours student, Katherine’s interests are visually materialised in her home. From the earrings she is wearing (made herself), her camera collection, the books that line several cases, the care she takes with cooking, Katherine’s talent’s are multidisciplinary and coincide. Much of Katherine’s inspiration for her photography projects is derived from her study of English literature during her fine art degree; “I like finding parallels between a way of writing and photography”.

Brave and resourceful, converting her ideas to the execution of an artwork often involves challenges that Katherine doesn’t avoid. Many of Katherine’s project concepts utilise unfamiliar mediums and require her to work backwards; from the end product to conception in brand new territory. “I think that is the part I like about what I am doing. You have this weird idea in your head and you kind of have to figure out to make it happen”.


Chorizo Omelette


1 Chorizo sliced

100g Fetta cubed

Grated yellow cheese

Cherry tomatoes sliced

1/2 purple onion

3 eggs beaten

Milk as needed


Combine ingredients in a medium sized bowl.

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a fry pan

Pour ingredients into the fry pan on low heat

Once the egg is almost cooked flip into a semi circle and cook until golden brown.