Glorjig with Diana – Marrickville

“I went on the website and saw what everyone made and it was all vegan and vegetarian. So I am making meatball soup. This is basically a mint and yoghurt broth with meatballs. It’s what every Armenian eats. Glor means ‘round’ in Armenian. It is just what every mum makes in vats. I thought I would make it. It seems apt. Mum and dad used to be caterers, so these are tried and true recipes… My main memory is every Easter they had a store at the Easter Show and I just remember in our old house we had a bathtub in the garage and we would be making fruit salad in the bathtub for the Easter Show. That is my favourite memory: how much fruit salad we would make”.


Glorjig – Armenian Mint and Yoghurt broth with meatballs 

Meatball Ingredients:

1 brown onion cut into quarters

500g beef mince

Salt and pepper to taste

1/2 Cup bulgur

Plain flour – as needed

Broth ingredients: 

500g of Greek yoghurt

2 litres of water

Tablespoon cornflour

Salt and pepper to taste

One egg beaten


Mince onion in the blender

In a large bowl, knead beef, minced onions, salt and pepper, bulgur with finger tips until fully combined.

Sprinkle flour into a wide, shallow bowl. With your hands, roll mixture into small balls and place in floured bowl

Decant yoghurt into a large pot

Add water and whisk with fork on low heat

Add cornflour, saltpepper and egg stirring occasionally until boiling

Place meatballs in pot and leave on heat for 15-20minutes


Lightly fry 40g of butter and two teaspoons of mint in a small pan

Sprinkle onto soup and ready to serve