Pumpkin Soup with Sam – Marrickville

“I like things to be clear, and to not assume that people know what you are talking about. Particularly with complicated things. I think it is easy to start off simply and learn the technical things later”.

Sam possesses a reflexive sensitivity that emerges while sharing knowledge.  A film student, Sam has an unique ability to patiently convey complex notions, without appearing condescending; a hallmark of the humble.

A natural educator, Sam’s sensitivity is materialised through his commentary of his pumpkin soup methodology. While slicing the pumpkin, Sam explains; “You try and make the pieces as even as possible so they boil equally”. Advising on testing the pumpkin prior to removing it, Sam humorously demonstrates with a fork; “You just poke at it. Don’t stick your fingers in it. That’s a fools game”.

An evolving product, Sam’s pumpkin soup incorporates both the past and present. Symbolic of his childhood in the Blue Mountains, the soup is a combination of nostalgia, maternal influence, and coming of age. “This isn’t what you call a healthy soup, but it does remind me of growing up in the mountains. The only thing I actually learnt to cook reasonably well was this particular dish. Because I like soups and my mother cooks particularly good soups. This is something I learnt to do when I was first left home”. Now days, Sam’s pumpkin soup incorporates an additional element, his girlfriend’s penchant for Greek yoghurt. “In part you are influenced by your parent’s tastes…It’s an abridged version of my mum’s, adding coconut milk and putting yoghurt on top”.


Sam’s Pumpkin Soup


1/2 brown onion

1/4 butternut pumpkin

150ml coconut milk

1 cup vegetable stock

Yoghurt and cinnamon to taste

Crushed hazelnuts, pine nuts and pumpkin seeds to garnish


Finely chop onion and fry separately

Boil 2-3 cups of water and add one cup of stock

Slice pumpkin into evenly sliced chunks and add to boiling stock

Once the pumpkin is soft (15-20mins) remove from heat and allow to cools slightly before decanting into the blender

Combine onion and cool pumpkin in the blender, submerging in stock liquid

Add coconut milk and cinnamon

Blend until creamy and garnish with cinnamon, nuts and yoghurt