Welcome to Kafe As Poume!

You may have noticed I have recently changed my name! Don’t worry Community Kouzina is still here with its own special home – it just falls under a wider project. In fact Kafe As Poume is the inspiration for how Community Kouzina first started, many years ago, so it is only natural it has a special place at the helm of the project.

A little bit about Kafe As Poume:

Greek phrase ‘as poume’ meaning ‘Iet’s say’ or informally; ‘for example’. In Cyprus, ‘as poume’ is unique for its frequent use, versatility and flexibility of expression.

Kafe As Poume is a platform celebrating unique expressions of identity, craft, culture, community and kouzina (cuisine). Channelling the spirit of the Kafenio, (traditional Cypriot cafe), and the role domestic kitchens and cafes play in the social fabric of communities, Kafe as poume acknowledges informal meeting places as sites of organic social and cultural production; cultivating relationships, enabling discussion and sharing knowledge.

Kafe as poume is a space to create, discuss and enjoy. Welcome to Kafe as poume!

From the 21st to the 24th June 2018, Kafe As Poume returns to Sydney. Join a series of free workshops hosted by practitioners spanning art, dance, craft and food. More details to come soon.

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