Greek: Καφέ ας πούμε   English Pron: Cafe as-poumeh

Greek phrase ‘as poume’ meaning ‘Iet’s say’ or informally; ‘for example’. In Cyprus, ‘as poume’ is unique for its frequent use, versatility and flexibility of expression.

Channelling the spirit of the Kafenio, (traditional Cypriot cafe), and the role domestic kitchens and cafes play in the social fabric of communities, Kafe as poume acknowledges informal meeting places as sites of organic social and cultural production; cultivating relationships and sharing knowledge.

About Eleni:

As Kafe As Poume, Eleni produces projects that promote creative expression and meaningful encounters with a focus on cross-cultural and intergenerational participation. Eleni is also a co-founding member of the New Moon community art collective.

Eleni’s practice navigates institutional and voluntary modes of identity while exploring nostalgia, human movement, belonging and existing in a third space.

Eleni is currently an artist in residence at Thirning Villa, Ashfield where she works both independently and as part of the New Moon Collective.  Eleni holds a Masters of Applied Anthropology from Macquarie University, with an ethnographic approach informing her practice.